Smart Mag Compact Filter Chemical Pack


The Smart Mag compact filter chemical pack is easy to install and should preferably be installed on the return circuit to the boiler. This enables debris already in the pipework to be intercepted before reaching the boiler, particularly during system flushing. The filter chamber must always be installed vertically with the drain valve at the bottom. The valves are universal in that they can be connected horizontally or vertically but must always follow the directional flow arrow.

Key Features

  • Compact design
  • Filters magnetite and non ferrous debris
  • 360° installation
  • Installation / servicing date wheel
  • 22mm full bore isolation valves on the inlet and outlet connections
  • Effortless installation and servicing
  • EComplete with central heating chemicals


Manufacturer BiWorld Controls
Model Number EV-22MAGPKCOMP
Manual Click here to download