Contract Straight Wheel Head Valve

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This single Evolve straight 15mm, 10mm or 8mm wheel head radiator valve complete with lockshield cap is part of the everyday Contract range. The valve body, tailpiece and union nut are made of chrome-plated brass, the valve insert is made of brass with EPDM seats, while the wheel handle and lockshield cap are made of ABS.


  • Valve body made of chrome-plated CW614N brass
  • Valve insert made of CW614N brass with EPDM seats
  • Tailpiece and union-nut made of chrome-plated brass
  • Wheel handle and lockshield cap made of ABS


Manufacturer BiWorld Controls
Model Numbers 15mm x 1/2":
10mm x 1/2":
8mm x 1/2":
Max. working pressure 10 bar
Max. pressure differential 1 bar
Min. water temperature 2C
Max. water temperature 100C
Max. ambient temperature 50C
Manual 15mm x 1/2": Click here to download
10mm x 1/2": Click here to download
8mm x 1/2": Click here to download