Contract Angled Wheel Head Valve c/w 1/2" Nut Tail

Valve Image
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This single Evolve angled 15mm or 10mm wheel head radiator valve with 1/2" nut tail and complete with lockshield cap belongs to the basic Contract range. The valve body, tail piece and union nut are made of chrome-plated brass, the valve insert is made of brass with EPDM seats, while the wheel handle and lockshield cap are made of ABS.


  • Valve body made of chrome-plated CW614N brass
  • Valve insert made of CW614N brass with EPDM seals
  • Tailpiece and union-nut made of chrome-plated brass
  • Wheel handle and lockshield cap made of ABS


Manufacturer BiWorld Controls
Model Numbers 15mm x 1/2":
10mm x 1/2":
Max. working pressure 10 bar
Max. pressure differential 1 bar
Min. water temperature 2C
Max. water temperature 100C
Max. ambient temperature 50C
Manual 15mm x 1/2": Click here to download
10mm x 1/2": Click here to download