Bentley Gothic Silver Nickel TRV & Lockshield Valve Set

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The Bentley Gothic silver nickel TRV valve set is an opulent high grade twin pack from Evolve comprising a reversible Bentley Gothic thermostatic radiator valve with 15mm compression complete with a matching lockshield valve. To set the required room temperature, simply rotate the wheel handle clockwise or anti-clockwise between the first and fifth line.

Please note: Bentley TRVs are only suitable for use as a reverse flow valve when the system differential pressure across the valve does not exceed 0.25 bar. An auto bypass should be fitted in conjunction with all Bentley valves. An 8mm Allen key is suitable for the lockshield.


Manufacturer BiWorld Controls
Model Number EV-BG15SN
Max. working pressure 10 bar
Max. pressure differential 1 bar
Max. water temperature 100C
Max. ambient temperature 50C
Temperature adjustment range 12C-30C
Technical Sheet Click here to download